Roy R. Eades      KA9MZJ

Assistant Section Manager
The ASM may assist the Section Manager with general leadership matters as the Section Manager's understudy, or the ASM may be assigned to handle a specific important function that does not fall within the scope of the duties of the Section Manager's other assistants.
The ASM is appointed by the Section Manager
Section Traffic Manager
The STM is appointed by the Section Manager to supervise traffic handling organization at the section level--that is, to coordinate all traffic efforts within the section, regardless of mode or National Traffic System affiliation, so that routings within the section and connections with other networks and digital traffic nodes will result in orderly and efficient traffic flow.
License history: WN6OJD (1/70 – 1/72), WN6DNY (9/75 – 9/77), then KA9MZJ in April 1983
Storm Spotter/ESDA Piatt county history, assistant ESDA Director Amateur Radio Liaison to the Piatt County Amateur Radio Club  1983-1995
EC Ford/Iroquois County 2007-2009, ARES monthly nets. VHF and HF
NTS net activity: 1983 active on ISN to present, serving as NCS and Net Manager
Retired June 2009 from Patterson Office Supplies Champaign Illinois Facility as Computer Operations Manager – Information Services
Appointed STM Illinois Section 1/2010
Completed the following courses:
ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Courses Level I II III Completed May 4 2007
FEMA ICS-00100 1/2007
FEMA ICS-00700 1/2007
FEMA ICS-00200b 9/2011
FEMA ICS-00800b 3/2012
Auxiliary Emergency Communications Course: COML  4/2012
ARES Member Williamson County and Deputy RACES Director District 11 Serve as HF liaison between District 11 and State EOC using SSB or RMS Express VHF PACKET and HF Ardop
Navy MARS/Army MARS – no longer active gave up my license unable to keep up with the required changes regarding the encryption of all data along  with the NTS duties. Call Signs:      NNN0AJY - AAR5HY
RRI-Region 9 digital receive station for all region 9 inbound traffic, 9th region liaison station for out of Section traffic
Presently serving on the ARRL NTS 2.0 Emcomm / Agency Engagement, Documentation & Procedures implementation working group.